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We talk about how to implement digital tools to improve the online customer experience.

What did we learn?

1. How to understand business processes to have technology as a strategic ally?

2. The key to improving the user experience is in the work team and in the methodology.

3. Top 5 key tools to improve the user experience.

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The customer experience is the perception that consumers have about the product, service or attention they receive, added to the interaction they have with the brand.

For Sura, this translates into delivering sustainable well-being and competitiveness to people and companies.

Because at Sura we want people to want to come and stay with us.

The company’s business strategy, operating processes and the method to achieve it.

Who would be responsible for managing and guaranteeing the customer experience?

Evaluate trends, map processes and listen to customers.

Technology is an enabler for customer experience strategy.

It is very relevant because they are of great help in decision-making, in the implementation of actions and in the rapid transformation of processes.