Pay obligations to contractors

We are the solution that allows companies to comprehensively manage their external personnel in aspects such as:

• Contributions to social security
• Commission payments
• Payments for rendering of services

Likewise, we offer independent people the opportunity to have their accounts clear and in order to comply with the regulation, contributing what corresponds to social security.

Control who enters your civil works

With artificial intelligence we authenticate the identity of the worker and verify requirements for them to enter.

For businesses

Through a 100% digital platform, we make it easier for companies to interact with their third parties.

We offer:
• Up to 70% efficiencies in operational processes related to affiliation management and verification of contributions to third-party social security.
• Up to 30% less occupational risk having control over the verification or payment of third party social security contributions.
100% deductibility of income tax for certificate of contributions to third party social security.

For independent

Through a 100% digital platform, we offer independent workers a friendly, safe and fast way to make the payment process for their social security contributions.

We have:
• Easy payment of social security contributions.
• Specialized advice.
• Security in payments.
• Consolidation of the payments received by the companies that hire them.
• Access to the social security payroll.

We have more than

5 years 

of experience managing  freelancers

We have made more than

35,000 payments 

to more than 10,000 natural persons

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