Logistics solutions

Logistics solutions

With our solutions you reach the last point of contact with your public so that they have a memorable experience.

We design and operate comprehensive logistics solutions for e-commerce and other processes. Through technology and automation
arrives effectively for you to fulfill your promise of value.

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Transform the delivery experience through a self-managed digital channel.

Mass deliveries

Reach your customers massively
and effectively personalized
opportunity and security.


Optimize the management and control your inventories (reception, enlistment and delivery)
POP, merchandising, elements
personal protection, among others.

Specialized deliveries

It guarantees the distribution of high security documents and products with certified, effective and personalized deliveries.

Last Mille

Faster delivery of your e-commerce packages in Bogotá,
Medellín, Cali, Eje Cafetero and its surroundings.

2 million
Drug schedules and deliveries

+ 45,000
Medical formulas delivered daily

+ 10,000
Credit cards delivered monthly

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Improve your customer experience

Incentivize your sales forces


Better manage risks

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