Live conversations

Watch and enjoy the talks we have with experts and leaders from organizations who share their stories and experiences around technological transformation.

We talked about challenges, current electronic invoicing trends and how to apply them to companies’ digital financial transformation processes with Paulo Ugarte, Alfredo Amescua and José Carlos Campos from Factura Tech.

We talk about how to apply trends and strategies to generate impact in sales channels.

Segmenting your audience by types of public, creating satisfactory experiences and understanding the behavior of your users online are three keys that Andrés Velásquez, Marketing Manager at Confiar, shares with us.

E-commerce is one of the digital tools most chosen by companies. This allows them to differentiate themselves from their competition, improve the user experience and integrate omnichannel strategies. Meet with Carlos Miguel Correa, Co-founder of Mystic Foods, what good practices to implement.

Technological transformation in educational processes was the topic of conversation during this live session with Esteban Betancur Sierra, President of Prestigio and Rafael de Cárdenas López, Chief Academician at Westfield USA and founder of TETE Fostering Leadership.

The organizational culture allows leveraging strategies that lead the company to have better results in innovation, processes and competitiveness. How to achieve it?
Beatriz Helena Vargas, Organizational Development Leader at Celsia tells us more about this topic.

In this live chat with Pascal Charnay, a specialist in digital transformation projects focused on customer experience, about how to transform it and make an impact through onboarding and neuromarketing.

Yeison Monsalve, Head of IT Solutions at Servicios Nutresa spoke to us about how to speed up internal processes, automate them, improve the quality of life of employees, and focus their work on the analytical and non-operational part of finance.

What tools work to improve the user experience and what key elements to take into account to personalize it? It was one of the questions we resolved together with Manuel Cano, Director of Customer Interaction Services at SURA, Colombia.

Santiago Gutiérrez and Juan David Serna from the technological transformation company, Tulipán 1637, spoke to us about how to transform companies with AI and the data driven model to impact their culture, policies, processes, strategies and collaborators.

Challenges and lessons learned from electronic commerce were some of the topics we discussed with Claudia Herrera, Colsubsidio’s Drug Manager.

We spoke with Luis Javier del Corral, Vice President of Chain New Business Development about key pillars of technological transformation such as competition, value and innovation.