What we are

Cadena is a company with more than 40 years in the market, we started as an expert company in printing processes and hand in hand with technology we have been innovating in our services and solutions, transcending traditional printing to developments for our clients. We have understood our past as a base to build the future.

Our essence has always been to mutate, transform and renew the way we respond to the needs of the market. Today we have a clear purpose of accompanying Organizations in their technological transformation and for this we have strengthened our capabilities such as analytics, operation, security, technology and innovation.

We are a company that understands that our vehicle is information and through it, we reinvent ourselves and transcend.

Our capabilities


We look for more accurate solutions, based on the ANALYSIS of data and information, that lead our
clients to another level.


We integrate ourselves in the OPERATION from beginning to end, so that the companies continue focused on the
growth of your business.


We always seek to leverage TECHNOLOGY to propose agile solutions that allow you to transform your processes.


We look for models that allow companies to have high levels of protection and SECURITY of their information and processes.


We are passionate about understanding your environment and INNOVATING to develop transformative solutions that impact your processes.


Reliability and security are promises that our company fulfills in all its processes, which we support with relevant certifications for our business and for our customers. These seals reflect the quality, confidentiality and relevance of our products and services.

Certify our Management System,
which guarantees safety
in valuable documents.

Certify our System
Quality Management, which allows to manage and improve the quality
of our products and services.

Certifies our management in Information Security.


Our sustainability model is based in the management and monitoring of six material issues and four other important issues that frame our actions and that impact the economic, environmental and social results of Cadena.

We have been doing this prioritization since 2015 through a materiality exercise, which has allowed us, through dialogues with some managers from strategic areas of the company and secondary information from stakeholders, to know their management approach and expectations.

Material issues


We understand innovation as our ability to transform ideas into reality, with differentiating and disruptive products and services.

Human Talent Management

We work on being to transform doing, through a passionate, innovative and flexible culture.

Risk management

We find new opportunities for growth and creation of solutions with the timely identification of risks, in order to have plans that ensure the sustainability and continuity of the business.

Corporate governance

We define the necessary strategies to ensure excellence and make the right decisions, which favor the growth and transformation of our organization.

Customer Management

Our purpose is to accompany our clients in their technological transformation processes, through the design and operation of proposals that solve their needs.

Security of the information

We are committed to managing the security and quality of information, to guarantee confidentiality, availability and integrity.

Other important matters

Environmental management

We provide our clients with environmentally friendly solutions, being responsible for caring for the planet to preserve the well-being of future generations.

Social management

We are committed to sustainable growth and generating positive impacts on society

Human rights

We believe in diversity, respectful relationships and
healthy, human and harmonious lifestyles as the best way to create value
and contribute to the sustainable development of the country. At Cadena we promote
carrying out operations and commercial relations in coherence with the
compliance with the human rights of our stakeholders.


We develop new supply and service alternatives to drive innovation, reduce costs through the efficiency of products or services, and manage associated risks. At Cadena we align our needs in terms of compliance, quality, costs and service.


Through digital solutions we give companies in the country access to resources and opportunities to grow and create value.

Digital factoring within everyone’s reach
Electronic invoicing
Electronic payroll
Title value and radian 



It is an expert firm in generating specialized knowledge through
the management of information produced by multiple data sources to make processes sensitive to legal certainty more efficient. In addition, it has the ability to design replicable processes with high quality standards and the best technology to accompany our clients in the operation of their contracting and  compliance processes .