Technology at Grupo Familia: a key factor in offering memorable experiences

Understanding the consumer and solving their needs, adding value, delivering superior products and constantly generating valuable information are some of the commitments of this business group and its brands. How do they do it?

One click on  Nosotras Online  is a step into a universe of information that goes beyond the sale of a product to provide a fun, educational and memorable service.

From the horoscope, daily care tips and recommendations for entertainment such as the creation of a  playlist , to educational content on hygiene habits in zone V, virtual consultations with professionals such as psychologists and gynecologists to address issues such as bullying  and  changes in the body, and an online store to buy, add points and redeem prizes, are some of the commitments to deliver a value experience to the customer.

At Grupo Familia, experiential marketing, in addition to being a way to increase the competitiveness of brands, is an essential factor in the relationship with the client that is aligned with the institutional vision of being a sustainable company that generates well-being and promotes practices successful accompaniment based on a deep understanding of people’s needs.

For Grupo Familia’s Vice President of Marketing,  Lucas López Lince , these are the reasons why the company generates true connections between consumers and the Group’s brands and products.

Inform, advise, educate and generate well-being

This view transcends from selling an innovative, differentiating and always visible product in the market to connecting with people, understanding them, getting to know them, accompanying them in the realization of their dreams and offering them what they need at each important stage of life with powerful messages and actions. .

A world-class digital and analytics team

Marketing  has evolved rapidly and today resorts to the  use of data and technology. For Grupo Familia it would not be possible to personalize consumer experiences in such depth without having processes that automate interactions based on knowledge of consumers and their needs. To this end, they have invested significant resources and formed a high-level team in digital  marketing  , analytics, and the use of technology.

“Today we see a much more aware consumer around the importance of hygiene and self-care, who is looking for innovative, superior and sustainable solutions that generate confidence, brands aligned with their lifestyle and much more digital. These behaviors motivated us to accelerate initiatives, previously mapped, such as the opening of new channels of interaction, purchase, service and experiences”.

Lucas López Lince, Vice President of Marketing for Grupo Familia.

Work as a team to offer the best experience possible

At Grupo Familia, everyone has a specific and decisive role in delivering the best customer experience. To this is integrated the conception of the product, production with the highest standards of quality and superiority, logistics, and marketing in digital and analog channels to positively impact the consumer.

From challenge to opportunity

The new reality in the context of the COVID-19 virus pandemic implied them to think of new sales, marketing and support alternatives.  For example, with the Tena brand, it began advising thousands of users through  WhatsApp to continue being the expert ally in specialized solutions for the elderly. It also did so with the Nosotras brand and its Vive el cole con Nosotras campaign  , which went from being a face-to-face activity due to the closure of educational institutions to being virtual to continue accompanying Colombian students in the transit of their puberty with information and new and better experiences.

Bullying for Loving

This is a Nosotras brand campaign that has impacted more than 60 million women in Latin America. It seeks to raise awareness about bullying and promote greater security and self-esteem in girls and adolescents.
Do you want to see it? Click here

Up to more than 10 million annual visits are received by Grupo Familia  on its technological platforms where it provides free gynecology, psychology, pediatrics, and early childhood and elderly care services.



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