Experiencia de marca: otras necesidades, nuevas experiencias

Hamburguesas El Corral redesigned the brand experience with its customers to respond to the needs generated as a result of the pandemic. New service channels and processes were created and adapted in record time to bring their products to consumers without losing the essence of their brand.

With the knowledge obtained in years of attention in points of sale and  customer journeys  defined and analyzed, the customer experience of Hamburguesas El Corral was adjusted according to new research findings and listening in social networks.

But the pandemic arrived and the closure of the restaurants constituted a barrier to their operation because their service culture is based on hospitality, that is, their employees are hosts and their clients are guests, and given the circumstances they could not receive your guests.

By obtaining important data from customers and the sales process in the different channels, El Corral generated more personalized communications and was able to measure the performance of the new processes and customer satisfaction on a daily basis to detect opportunities for improvement.

The contingency measures announced a few days in advance only allowed operating with addresses and they did not have, only a low percentage of sales were made through an external platform. “This reality forced us to change the scheme and the way of relating to our Consumers. Now we are going to him”, explains Pilar Rodríguez, his Marketing manager.

To achieve this, the company had to believe in its potential for innovation, make processes more flexible, work with all areas to do in days what used to take months, as well as decide and create solutions and new channels in a phased manner.

Agility and confidence

The first step was to enable the Neighbor Plan with homes a few blocks from the restaurant. In parallel, the hiring of personnel, biosafety training, establishment of delivery points for addresses in stores and the production of uniforms, boxes to transport orders and packaging with security seals and double bags to avoid contact were carried out.

A few weeks after the mandatory confinement in Colombia, the operation of a call center began,   which was set up  in-house  with the store cashiers because they already knew the  ordering software  . Updates were made to improve order traceability. and obtain customer data to get to know them better and achieve more personalized communication.

Although the implementation of the electronic commerce channel was planned for the medium term, the dynamics of the business accelerated its start-up and began operating in June. With the new channels, customer service for PQR was complemented with a customer support strategy and immediate attention via WhatsApp for situations that could arise for the consumer.

Back to El Corral

For those who consider that despite the biosecurity measures it is more convenient to personally go through the purchase, the  Take Out was established. While for those who want to leave home, the car service was created in the parking lot and in the restaurants in country areas, picnic areas were provided to give families a space to enjoy the outdoors after months of confinement.

In order for the adjustment of the customer experience and the adaptation process to occur with agility, it was essential to have committed employees and an organizational culture focused on the satisfaction of those who consider themselves guests.

Knowing the  insights  that arose from the extraordinary situation and the  costumer journey  of the new channels, made it possible to find new opportunities to quickly adapt and grow a business that received its consumers in restaurants and now also reaches their homes.

the original recipe

In order to provide a customer experience consistent with its  brand DNA  in the new channels and services created by El Corral, factors such as:

  • The feeling of security that customers needed to open the doors of their homes to the products
  • Provide customers with access to information on telephone numbers to request addresses, how to use electronic commerce or receive help.
  • The temperature at which the food should arrive.
  • The reduction of the times for taking orders and their delivery.
  • Purchases made on the weekend as an indulgence



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