Improve your customer experience

Improve your customer

The Communications and Experience - CX module allows you to create and execute multi-channel communications
with your databases of prospects and customers, throughout the entire life cycle.

With this platform you will obtain the results of your communications based on the behavior and journey of the customer, contacting them through the channel and at the desired time.

Automated communications

Design automated communication flows through different channels, choosing how and when to communicate with your client.

Interactive communications and forms

Create custom content for each client, including banners, forms, attachments, from pre-determined templates or new designs.

Individual customer tracking

Get a report on everything related to communication with your customers, know what you communicate and what they respond to. With your client’s document you can have the traceability of the communications sent.

Self-management and accompaniment

Self-management and accompaniment. Be the one who automates and designs the communications, with support that will support you in whatever you need.

Resource library

Keep your graphic resources on the platform to use them again when you need it.


You will have centralized traceability of all your communications in one place.

 We analyze each interaction with your customers and identify and suggest the best time and channel to communicate with them.


Design your communications easily and quickly with drag and drop.

Automate your communications

Design automated and personalized communication flows through different channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp, physical media, among others) choosing how and when to communicate with your customers with segmentation and business rules.


Platform with API to connect with different systems and be able to execute communications in real time, improving the customer experience. 

Safety and reliability

We guarantee the security of information and the personal data protection policy. Platform protected and monitored in real time by different security systems.

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