The metaverse: a world of opportunities for your company

Immersive technologies like virtual reality or augmented reality today allow us to experience many possibilities in the metaverse, and your company cannot be left behind. We tell you how your brand can enter this world.

And what is the metaverse?

It is a real world in virtuality, where you can interact with other people through different devices and platforms that make you feel that you are immersed in this reality.

Unlike video games, the metaverse is not intended to be a fantasy world, but a kind of alternate reality. For its part, it also gives companies the possibility of creating new forms of relationship with their audiences and expanding their business opportunities.

How is the experience?

Once you create your avatar, you can go to the concert of your favorite singer on the other side of the world, attend a wedding with 10,000 people, buy a house and even have digital pets; It is a parallel world where these and more things can come true.

Taking this range of options into account, companies and brands are also challenged to start thinking about how their presence could be in this new scenario, which is already a reality where, day by day, they can be creators and protagonists.

How can my company enter the metaverse?

Define your objectives, hypotheses and findings to be resolved taking into account the purpose of your business.
2 Study in depth the segment of the public that you want to impact through the metaverse to give practicality to the actions that you are going to develop.
3 Research which  type of metaverse  best suits your needs.
4 Come up with a creative idea that is coherent and consistent with your brand.
5 Accompany the technology area of ​​your company to develop the software and codes necessary for the experience.
6 Review the economic possibilities in the metaverse. Get advice from your legal and financial area to have a legal and transparent process.

Being a developing world, there can be many security gaps. Take into account the Habeas Data Law and take care of the information of your users.

Experiences that your brand can implement in the metaverse

Depending on your strategic objectives, there are multiple possibilities for your business to be linked in this world. Here we give you some examples:

  • Showrooms:  you can show your products in a different and immersive way.
  • Training for sales and maintenance teams:  you can now connect your team by this means to train them and learn more about the company’s products.
  • 3D data and analysis:  place your products more strategically to improve their sales (for example, with real-time heat maps to measure the behavior of your consumers).
  • Customize and configure:  provide customization opportunities for your product to generate a close, differentiating, and creative experience.
  • Gamification in e-commerce:  your customers do not have to travel to your facilities to see your product first-hand and dynamically.
  • Alliances:  you can collaborate with allies that are outside your target, but that can help you generate a different position.
  • Investments in virtual goods:  you can purchase goods such as lots or virtual yachts.
This is a universe under construction, therefore, there is still no jurisprudence for the registration of trademarks or copyrights.

5 Colombian companies that have entered the metaverse

Offcorss:  the children’s fashion brand used augmented reality to launch its collection at the latest edition of the Colombiatex de las Américas fair. People could dress up their avatars and try on how the clothes fit.

Pony Malta:  the company launched Cryptoamor within the framework of Valentine’s Day in partnership with  DDB , a campaign that sought to convert real love stories of its consumers into  tokens .

Bouquet:  the company established an alliance with  to launch the first crypto cake that not only had slices of cake, but also came with a code to redeem in Bitcoin (five dollars redeemable in cryptocurrencies).

Sajú:  This brand launched the Sajú Experience, which allows consumers to convert plastic waste into the glasses of their choice in just 20 minutes.

Antonio Nariño University:  created an interactive 3D portal for its virtual campus, which integrates 360 panoramic tours through various spaces of its headquarters.

Related questions

In general, in virtual reality everything we see is created and developed using a computer and, in the case of augmented reality, what we see are virtual objects that are superimposed on the real environment.

Augmented reality uses the camera of a mobile device adding additional information to the surroundings, allowing the user to interact with the real world and experience.

It is a data visualization technique that shows the areas that arouse the most interest on a web page. The color variation can be by tone or intensity, making the reading of the phenomenon on the space in question obvious.

They are the digital representation of a unit of value issued by a person or private company, with a function similar to a currency, but with many more uses, since it can represent any fungible and negotiable asset. Unlike coins, they are not legal tender.



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