10 aphorisms by Jorge Wagensberg

The Spanish physicist, Jorge Wagensberg, has stood out for his informative work as a lecturer, scientific editor and advisor to science museums, also for his aphorisms. He knows some of these.

1. It can only be created when not everything is law and not everything is random.

2. There are two kinds of innovation: a horizontal one that consists of changing the answer (evolution) and a vertical one that consists of changing the question (revolution).

3. Intelligence is the ability to anticipate uncertainty and with it it was possible, for the first time in evolution, to put the problem before its solution.

4. Every sense has a joyful end and a painful end, both valuable for survival.

5. The improbable amazes everyone, the everyday only genius.

6. Lies are built, truths are discovered.

7.  A superfluous innovation is a solution without a problem.

8. Spirally unfair syndrome in a work team: the one who works well works more and more, the one who works poorly works less and less. 

9.  Symbiosis:  one plus one equals one. /  Parasitism:  one plus one equals zero. /  Asexual reproduction:  one equals two. /  Sexual reproduction:  one plus one equals three.

10. To ask what it is, what a certain phenomenon consists of is to investigate language. The why places us on the plane of metascience. The for what, in that of technology. And the how, in that of science.



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