En vivo: transformación tecnológica Cadena

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We talk about key pillars of technological transformation for organizations.

What did we learn?

1. Key strategies to apply to technological transformation processes.

2. Key points of technological transformation for organizations.

3. Strategic concepts within the business technological transformation.

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Transformation is running a process to change something that already exists. With this, the state is passed, that is, the evolution occurs naturally and without intervention. In the opposite case of innovation, it helps to improve actions or processes, and disruption redefines rules with drastic changes.

From a disruptive development that impacts humanity, new applications, inventions and transformations begin to be developed, which become a continuous scaling of digital evolution.

Have a basic understanding of technological transformation, read trends and interact around this topic.

This strategy has to be based on the client and what is known about it. Also, about competition, data, innovation and the value generator.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Lego, Argos, Lumen.

The creation of customer communities through digital systems, applying consumer knowledge in their processes and digital methodologies.