CCM: the platform that enables effective communication

If you want to address your customers with clear, timely, direct messages and through the medium they prefer, the CCM –Customer Communications Management– platform is the ideal tool. Know your benefits.

Today your company has the possibility of using a mix of media to reach its customers:  traditional means of communication such as the telephone line, a contract or a printed extract, and digital channels that have been growing at a dizzying rate that expand the offer,  always seeking to be relevant in communication: reach the client with the useful message through the appropriate means.

To give an example: the son is at the university, connected to a laptop; the mother is a sales person and is on the street all the time with the phone. The father is a financial trader and has chosen to be disconnected at home: outside of work he only reads printed material. Grandma learned to handle the  tablet  and she can’t get away from it anymore. Brands need to communicate with each other, from different areas and with different types of messages.

But how do you ensure that it reaches everyone? And if it can be done, how to do it in a way that is not redundant and without wasting resources?

Cadena is the first company in Colombia to acquire the CCM solution and to have certified personnel in its application.

In addition to having multiple media, a platform is required that allows the organization to manage these communications.  Just as there is an ERP platform to manage resources or a CRM platform to manage the relationship with the consumer,  today it is possible to have a CCM –Customer Communications Management– tool to guarantee the personalization of contacts and their effectiveness.

It is a way of guaranteeing that the public that is expected is reached with a homogeneous communication;  having a concentrated information repository that can be connected with different composition tools and output through various means. But realistically, when is a company’s IT team going to be able to tackle a project of this magnitude in a time when there are so many priorities?

Cadena offers its customers the benefits of the CCM platform

At  Cadena  we have been allies with organizations such as your company to bring communications of various kinds to your clients, and  now we are venturing into the management of this platform, as a natural evolution of the business and in the constant search for solutions.  Thus, in addition to improving the delivery indicators of your communications, we can help from planning and choosing the appropriate channels.

Cadena has the knowledge and ability to implement any CCM solution in your company. Contact the Relationship Unit.

The key is to generate consistent communications for different media  and this platform offers numerous possibilities, from email and text messages, to delivery of statements or purchase payments, to name just a few, since  one of its advantages is that it allows transactionality.

It is a robust and complete solution that can incorporate all the required variables. Thus,  before a message is issued to a person, the respective validations are carried out within the areas that intervene in the generation and validation of the content,  and as a fundamental part, the legal conditions are always considered following very strict processes, to avoid risks.

One Key: Personalize Information

Facilitating the way in which the consumer receives information about products and services is a very important point for companies today,  since in a market as competitive as that of insurance companies, banking, telecommunications,  retailers,  among others, there are offers of similar conditions. That is why it is transcendental to mark differentiation through communication.

57% of the companies surveyed expected to invest more resources in the customer experience in 2016, according to a study by Temkin Group. Only 6% expected to spend less on it.

In the user experience that the customer has with the brand, it is vital that they feel that it is their own, personal experience.  It may seem that a single communication is not going to achieve it, but if you add up the contacts that are made through a statement, when you access the website, by text message, with an email or through a notification from a mobile application, the experience can be more powerful.

Also,  if instead of multiple messages a week from different areas, communications can be integrated, more value is added.

With CCM,  without changing the essence of the message,  it is feasible to speak to people in a unique way, with the information that interests them, with high levels of personalization,  regardless of the platform they prefer to use, achieving a direct impact,  by strengthening the link that you have with current customers and achieve their loyalty and fidelity, designing a single piece that encourages interaction between sender and receiver.

CCM changed the mentality in communication with clients, since they no longer need to bring them to their office, but instead put the company in their hands.

Organizations need to communicate more assertively with their audiences every day and knowing how to manage that contact is an art in which  Cadena  has been specializing for ten years and many companies in the country have already trusted this solution that we offer. Cadena  has the tools, knowledge and certified personnel to do so.

CCM Benefits

  • It facilitates the management of communication in a company.
  • Simplifies the work for customer management. He decides how he wants to receive the messages that you need to convey to him.
  • Improve operational processes within companies.
  • Optimize the interaction between various areas to personalize content.

Advantages for your company

  • You can forget about managing all communications, we do it for you.
  • You will talk closely with your client, with the data that he wants to receive from your product and/or service.
  • Unify communications regardless of the channel through which it reaches the consumer.
  • It gives consistency to all the forms of communication you have with your customers.

Success stories

Many world-class companies have improved communication with their customers thanks to the CCM tool. Here are two examples:

Bradesco, Brazil

ABnote  is a leading North American company in preparing secure documents and is an ally of the  Bradesco bank ,  from Brazil. This union used GMC’s solution to convert Bradesco’s transactional documents, including credit card and bank statements, to a more flexible model that would allow them to print color messages on their products, hand in hand with a third ally such as HP, since evaluated the value of adding promotional or educational messages to transactional correspondence. In this way they could attract customers, generate a competitive advantage for the bank and bring in new sales of the bank’s products and services.

After several meetings between the three companies and some prototypes, in a month and a half they installed the software, the hardware, trained the staff and had the application tested, a job that required several months, responding to Bradesco’s urgent needs.

shanghai telecom

The telecommunications company wanted to improve the customer experience across print, email communications, and mobile channels by enabling the integration of multiple data sources into a unified management, for multi-channel output.

  • Enable the delivery of electronic invoices.
  • Reduce printing costs.
  • Support customers through various channels.
  • Obtain valuable information for the CRM system.
  • Improve interaction and communication with customers.

Hand in hand with this solution,  Shanghai Telecom  created multi-channel communications that are scheduled and executed automatically.



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