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We talk about how to improve the customer experience and how to understand their behavior in digital.

What did we learn?

1. Tips to improve the customer experience.

2. Key points about digital communication.

3. How to align the strategic objectives of the company with the expectations of online customers  ?



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Adapt your business model and adjust the interactions between vendor and customer.

Neuroscience has shown that people are machines that feel and then think. Therefore, most decisions are unconscious and based on emotions.

It is the reception that the consumer has of the brand, about how it makes them feel.

What elements generate more loyalty in the consumer?

Generate a differentiating strategy based on customer demand and needs.

The culture of the company must be transformed, putting the customer’s needs at the center and ensuring that all collaborators are aligned with the common objective of the company.

The efficiency to find new ways to interact with users based on empathy.

It must be a complement to customer interactions to generate more responses and a better experience.