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We talk about the impacts of electronic payroll and invoicing on business financial digital transformation processes.

What did we learn?

1. Why is it important that your organization is part of this financial digital transformation process?

2. What elements to take into account to be at the forefront of world trends?

3. What good practices should be applied in the adoption processes of electronic invoicing and payroll for both SMEs and medium and large companies?

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Economic development in Colombia is centralized, therefore massification to reach everyone is the biggest challenge.

When processes begin to be modernized, they are also standardized. The challenge for Colombia is to go out and compete with countries that already have this standardized process.

• Automation of processes.
• Cost reduction by not having to use so much paper and fewer logistics processes.
• Time reduction.

Find solutions that standardize processes for all companies.

It is chosen according to the number of employees that your company has multiplied by the They help massification and processes move faster.

• Take advantage of technological resources to improve strategies or what to do on a day-to-day basis.
• Cut costs.
• Maximize times.

The countries that are most advanced in this have already migrated to electronic governments to improve the digital financial transformation.

Llegar a las personas y lograr una buena asesoría al contribuyente.

Time is of the essence, so modernization should not be delayed for fear of change.