Electronic payroll, an intelligent automation ecosystem

Both billing and electronic payroll are part of a new  online ecosystem  that allows companies to optimize their digital transformation processes. Beyond improving the tax collection base, it evolves the settlement or portfolio management systems, reducing times and costs in the operation.

Electronic payroll is   an automated solution that allows greater  traceability  of information, control of payments and  digital repository . This is a change that has been accelerated by the pandemic and has led companies to evolve and take advantage of the opportunities of the  online era  from  electronic invoicing  and  payroll.

Electronic payroll: business transformation opportunities

Colombia is a pioneer country in Latin America in the field of electronic payroll. This is a technological solution   that leverages the  automation of processes  and seeks to be connected with companies and businesses throughout the country to improve tax collection through the  Directorate of National Taxes and Customs -DIAN . Its objective is focused on making manual payroll processes  , which were previously carried out in Excel or documents, operate automatically  and  connected to the DIAN. How do they do it in   Chain ?

“At  Cadena  we have integrated and automated the manual processes of  electronic payroll. This has allowed us to reduce and achieve time savings of  70% , that is, procedures that took up to 20 days to carry out, now we do it automatically in a week”, says Juan Calle, Manager of the Chain’s financial process.

Cadena offers electronic services accompanied by  technologies  of the  Fourth Revolution  such as  Artificial Intelligence  and  Big dataThis makes it possible to cover both companies that liquidate between 10 and 20 collaborators and companies that must pay 10,000 or 12,000 employees.

Electronic payroll key points

  • Less probability of loss or leakage of  information  and constant traceability of the same throughout the payroll process.
  •  Data  protection  and  security .
  • Automation  of processes, reduction of time, money and physical effort.
  • Personalized reports according to the needs of your  company .

A financial digital transformation process

With the implementation of  electronic payroll  to the digital ecosystem of the DIAN, organizations will be able to benefit from the following points to accelerate their  technological transformation  in financial processes.

Information in the cloud

The intelligent storage  of information in the cloud allows you to access it from any device with an internet connection. This will speed up the electronic payroll process and will give you the possibility of saving  hardware  and technical support costs.

Market scalability

Business scalability refers   to the ability of a company to grow in the market, generating value and meeting current demands. This is an opportunity that you can achieve with the  digital ecosystem  of both  payroll  and  electronic invoicing .

3  Reduces human errors

Thanks to the automation with  artificial intelligence  that electronic payroll offers you  ,  you can avoid errors and be more precise with the information you process for the DIAN.

“Currently we have around 750 clients within the payroll and electronic invoicing processes, to whom we issue 13,000 monthly transactions. Our goal for the following year is to have 1,000 clients to whom we carry out a million transactions”, adds Juan Calle, Manager of  Cadena’s financial process.



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