Electronic invoicing, the first step for the transformation of your processes

Business intelligence, process automation and cost reduction in the operation and in times, are some of the benefits of electronic invoicing. Here we share its advantages with Federico Giraldo, Director of Electronic Invoicing for  the Chain.

“Today is closing day and this invoice is not ready” or “I must wait more than 60 days to have cash flow again”… If you have mentioned or heard any of these phrases, your solution is in electronic  invoices . With them, the methods of reorganizing  digital strategies  gave way to the implementation of new technologies such as  blockchain  and  big  data ,  which allow automating processes, data and improving the  security  of documents in the cloud and the positioning of  digital identity. .

Since 2013, the  Directorate of National Taxes and Customs -DIAN- began working on a project for the massification of electronic invoicing, taking models from Chile and Mexico and, although this is currently a mandatory legal requirement for Colombian companies , it is also an opportunity to adapt to the  digital era and give scalability to technological  processes that allow the country to position itself among the world trends.

This, hand in hand with  technologies  such as  process automation and  artificial intelligence  that allow the  invoices  that are issued to comply with legal regulations and the data to be true, all this, within an integrated and efficient report, which is equal to the traditional invoice , guarantee transparency and be issued, delivered, accepted, preserved and exhibited.

recommended trends

Federico Giraldo, Commercial Director of  Cadena,  shares the following good practices on  electronic invoicing  to take into account:

  • Referents

Mexico and Chile have approximately 100% in the  massification of the electronic invoice. This data and their actions have made them pioneers in Latin America, in addition, it has allowed them to control tax evasion.

  • Market place services ecosystems 

There are online markets for  invoices  that are dedicated to the commercialization of these, through  digital platforms . This is an option to connect companies with the need for capital and interested investors  seek security in their transactions and “attractive” profitability.

  • Simplicity and clarity in the information

According to a study  by JD Power and Associates 30% of business customer service calls are billing related. It is there, where this  electronic invoice process  seeks not only to provide information that is easily read, but also to organize finances to simplify day-to-day tasks and make it easy for the client to have information with  clear data  on their accounts anywhere. of the world.

“From Cadena, this  electronic invoicing process is much easier for companies, since they have access to the entire process of controlling, issuing, receiving and negotiating invoices. With this new digital ecosystem, companies have the necessary liquidity in less than 24 hours to continue operating their businesses and eliminating monthly procedures that do not generate value for companies”, says Federico Giraldo, Director of Electronic Invoicing for the Chain.

Cadena: a technological solution to take electronic invoicing to another level

These are some advantages of the chain platform.

  • Automated controls   that allow the operation to flow quickly in the issuance of  invoices to customers  or  stakeholders .
  • Data architecture to integrate systems and thus make the issuance of the  invoice  much more agile.
  • Alerts of invoices prepared, reviewed and approved to give  traceability  to the  information .
  • Increase in productivity, information quality and response capacity.
  • Accompaniment and  customer service  throughout the process before, during and after the invoice.
  • Guarantee of authenticity of the electronic invoice.

How to prepare to start the electronic invoice processes?

  • Carry out the billing process on time, along the way there may be accounting gaps that hinder the assembly of data.
  • Look for providers who have  experience  in this  niche market , are flexible, and guide you throughout the billing process.
At Cadena we have more than 13 years of experience. Today we are operating with more than 100,000 companies to whom we issue more than 13 million documents per month, offering technological solutions with plans starting at $49,000 pesos.



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