Blockchain as a digital identity management system

Demonstrating the digital identity, both of individuals and companies, is key to the economic, social and financial development of countries, because it is part of the comprehensive solutions that allow customers to be identified in the online  world .

According to  Tech Crunch , some technologies of the  Fourth Revolution  , such as  blockchain,  have become the “crystal ball” for entrepreneurs, operators and central banks. In this way, they investigate the future of their business model with respect to their clients and can make immediate decisions.

This is thanks to the identity or digital signature   of the users, which is made up of all the  data and interactions  that each person registers on the internet on different platforms. For example: email, photos, banking information or online searches.

The future of data management and digital identity


Cybersecurity in universal identity

Cyber ​​security is  built with artificial intelligence  models   that allow facial, voice or fingerprint recognition. In this way, the companies most exposed to multiple risks create databases of information and interconnect accounts so as not to generate “cracks” in the system.

In fact, companies like  ObjectTech , according to  Tech Crunch , are testing programs to promote the right to identity. One of them is created so that participants can use their fingerprint to cross borders or open bank accounts.


digital reputation

It is focused on how other users  rate digital content . Some points to take into account to improve it are: participation in social networks, the website, experience and connections in events by entities that are in an online context  .

According to Hubspot , “60% of consumers say that they move away from a brand if they find a majority of negative comments and 17% of them distrust if they do not find reviews or traces of other buyers.” In this sense, the relationship between the brand and the  digital reputation is created by prosumers or customers. So what to keep in mind to create a positive reputation? The answer lies in having a data measurement strategy  , being assertive with communication, and being empathetic with audiences.


Blockchain, as a digital security solution

  • Biometrics, connections with friends, family or online cross references, structure the information to have greater control of what are the key points in a   consumer’s digital identity.
  • Zero-knowledge proofs allow   you to manage data and access information without revealing it to external sources through encryption that processes the content of interactions.
  • Another important aspect is registration. For this reason, the  blockchain  makes it possible to consolidate an identity pattern, protecting this online signature from outsiders.

How to improve the positioning of digital identity?

  • Take advantage of social networks to share your competitive advantage and your value offer.
  • Build your digital identity while preserving the corporate image.
  • Define which platforms or channels you are going to be present on.
  • Analyze the metrics.



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