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We talked about the challenges of undertaking in the digital world and the experience behind the implementation of an e-commerce in the format of ghost kitchens or dark kitchens.

What did we learn?

1. How to understand a digital entrepreneurship model?

2. How does a restaurant under the concept of ghost kitchens integrate with the technological transformation?

3. The main challenges and achievements that Clap Burgers has had in their experience in the digital world.

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Related questions

Create and think a good user experience that is memorable.

• Being skillful when it comes to managing the technological platforms that already exist.
• Put together e-commerce tactics.
• Make guideline.
• Have influencer allies.

The biggest challenges have been logistics, the need to increase human resources and rapid execution.

Digital operation and collaborative economy with other platforms.

Today the world is much more digital, so having an e-commerce is profitable.

Live surveys and dashboard to find out how sales are.

With omnichannel strategies, data and a good experience that generates customer satisfaction from start to finish.

From digital to omnichannel, connecting the mind of the user with the purpose of the company and strengthening the corporate brand.

With day-to-day execution, be close to the user, build day-to-day figures and think about the dates.

Foster a culture of innovation among employees and connect them with the purpose of the brand.