Comprehensive strategies for a true digital experience, how to achieve it?

Omnichannel strategies aim to achieve a long-term relationship with users, adapting to their needs and purchasing behaviors. Some keys to building these connections over time have to do with updating the data and listening to the audience.

Has it ever happened to you that when you enter a brand’s website you have the possibility to choose whether to send a message by email, communicate through their social networks or visit the physical headquarters? This is precisely the experience proposed by  omnichannel strategies , which focus on sales and service, both in the shopping experience and in  user onboarding  .

But for such a strategy to work and its results to be satisfactory or superior, customer data must be integrated in order to build profiles of each one, in such a way that it is possible to generate more personalized interactions.

In fact, according to a study carried out by the  market intelligence consultancy, IDC , consumers who live omnichannel experiences are 30% more likely to create ties with the brand for long periods of time than those who buy through a single channel.

According to the same study, companies that have a  consolidated omnichannel strategy  obtain a loyalty percentage of more than 89%, compared to 33% of companies that do not use them. Therefore, these are some recommendations:

Omnichannel and multichannel strategies are different. The first, has as its main objective to attract buyers and take advantage of the channels to create approved experiences and thus accelerate purchases. The second focuses on giving the user different products with just a swipe of the screen.
  • Know who your  buyer  persona is

Know clearly what is  the personality and behavior  of your target audience. For this, market research with real data from your users is key.

  • The main thing is your client

The channel unification strategy   should be around the consumers and not the company. Here, it is important that the basis of the strategy is a satisfactory experience from start to finish for your consumer.

  • Reduce response times in customer service

At this point, you can use  artificial intelligence or automation processes  that allow you to speed up response times to a user’s request.

  • Integrate and measure data

The data  that you obtain from the physical experience of the users with your brand is important to cross it with the  digital one.  The metrics give you an analysis of the buying behavior of your customers, their frequently asked questions, the journey they take through your channels, at what moment they decide to buy or at what step of the experience they disconnect.

How do companies benefit from omnichannel experiences?

  • You have an overview of all the interactions that a person generates with your brand. This makes it easier for you  to design a   more personalized customer journey .
  • You guarantee consistency and homogeneity for your consumers in the different communication channels, increasing sales and having a  greater follow-up  of them.
  • Online  and physical experiences  at the same time. For example, your customers can buy online and finish their purchase at the physical location or they can use their devices to live different and unique digital experiences at the point of sale.



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