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We talked about how to use technological transformation to automate and accelerate operations, focusing part of the work of collaborators on analytics.

What did we learn?

1. Benefits and keys to technological transformation in financial management.

2. Ways of applying technology in financial management.

3. Tips to facilitate the adoption of technology in companies.

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For Nutresa, technological transformation is a means and a support, but it is not the end to achieve something specific.

Reinvent yourself and infect the work teams on this topic.

Electronic commerce, programs that promote innovation and investment, immersion in agile methodologies, radio frequency for identification and location of products and development of issues of closeness with customers.

Any challenge must be faced in a parallel and interdisciplinary way.

Get inspired by success stories and hand in hand with allies, design models that evolve the organization’s processes.

  • Leaders are vital to infect the rest of the organization and permeate a digital culture.
  • The consumer must be at the center.
  • It is key to simplify and streamline internal processes.

It was difficult due to the uncertainty and the given times, but it is turning this into an opportunity that adds value, to help automate, standardize and streamline certain processes.

Issues associated with the automation of requirements and purchases of products and collection platforms have been delved into.

Adaptation to virtuality and speed in solving problems and processes.