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We talk about the impacts of electronic payroll and invoicing on business financial digital transformation processes.

What did we learn?

1. Trends and strategies to generate impact in sales channels.

2. How can business business models be enabled by applying omnichannel digital strategies?

3. How to generate impact to the target audience through sales channels?

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On the company side, unify sales channels in order to maximize effectiveness and efficiency for merchants, and on the consumer side, customize actions and objectives according to the needs of each one.

Precision in acting at the points of sale and efficiency in the operation.

Through an aggregate knowledge model, that is, from a marketing team that knows the final consumer of the product, trade makerting and the sales team.

You should think that it is not about selling, but what are the characteristics that are required to know to achieve an effective sale.

Digital transformation is not an end, it is a means, thus becoming an accelerator to the business process.

  • Simplifying the language.
    Making sure there are no legal or reputational risks.
    Deliver results to the people of the company with assertive communication.

Becoming an advisory company for the transformation and digitalization of our clients’ sales.

Filter the commercial models thinking about the clients and if the actions that are going to be carried out will really bring advantages for the consumers or for the company.