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We talk about the challenges of artificial intelligence in the internal processes of organizations and how to face them.

What did we learn?

1. Key points of artificial intelligence in internal organizational processes.

2. How does artificial intelligence become key in digital transformation processes?

3. How to use data efficiently and strategically?

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The main changes have been machines capable of understanding, analyzing and working with the large volumes of information that allow different algorithms to “run”.

This happens when it is possible to assertively interpret the amount of accumulated data and anomalies are identified.

Creating a department that can take data to transform it into opportunities and mitigate risks.

Generating a meta-awareness that supports decision-making, understanding the hidden patterns in the data and bringing advantages to companies.

Train the algorithms to recognize patterns, and thus, manipulate this information in real time with the help of  dashboards , in which key steps in the decision-making processes can be identified, about what does and what doesn’t work.

The main advantage is that these techniques do not force companies to make large investments in infrastructure.

They try to simulate the behavior of the brain’s neural network through impulses and connections. These are responsible for sending and storing the information to databases.

With the help of artificial intelligence, companies that have a larger volume of data stored, make algorithms or applications have a much greater impact, reducing times and costs in internal processes.

The first point is to identify which are the internal processes of the organization. After carrying out this analysis, it is scaled towards algorithms or digital programs that can capture and select key data for each business or customer need.