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We talked about how to leverage strategies within a company hand in hand with innovation and digital transformation.

What did we learn?

1. Key steps to implement an organizational culture that is aligned with the digital environment.

2. What to take into account to connect the organizational culture with the technological transformation?

3. What should you take into account to achieve a digital culture?

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It is the pillar of transformation in the organization.

• Charges were removed and roles were put.
• The formats were simplified.
• Doors and walls were removed so that communication and collaborative work could flow.

It is articulated from the collaborators, who use digital tools designed to optimize the needs of the client.

Have an interdisciplinary team to innovate, simplify, digitize and automate information and internal processes.

Change the behaviors of the teams and encourage the genuine participation of people in the processes.

Simplify processes with automation and eliminate those that are not giving the expected results.

Identify their gaps with them, accompany them in their training process and provide feedback.

The most important thing is that the leader is consistent with the culture of the company.

Make a reinduction in each of the collaborators with the new culture, first from the rational and then from the emotional.