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We talk about how to use communication strategies for digital platforms and what to take into account to carry out a well-planned process.

What did we learn?

1. Steps to carry out a well-planned digital process.

2. How to carry out strategies for electronic commerce?

3. What to take into account in digital platforms and tracking?

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It is a complement to the service that the company provides. It goes hand in hand with the digital world, where customer needs are interacted with to identify solutions.

Technological transformation is a tool that seeks to give quick and timely results to the needs of customers.

Link different people in the processes and meet their needs, in a dignified and timely manner.

Trust in the brand, simple and friendly platforms and support for the user.

Know the client himself to know how to apply the success stories on these platforms and get good allies.

Carry out a good sizing process, work with the entire value chain and have contingency processes that allow information to be recorded.

Always be thinking about what the user needs or will need and not build projects focused only on efficiency.

Different indicators, such as delivery promises, services and integration.