100 years and the successes of Fabricato

Pertinent alliances, acquisition of technology, adaptation to the environment and many other things have worked for Fabricato throughout its history. Their commitment to sustainability and to being a socially sustainable company, allowed them to celebrate a centenary in February 2020.

Fabricato closed 2019 with a gross profit of 3,897 million, a figure that compared to the previous year had a variation of 26.5%. The company that began to weave in 1919 with the aim of making textile production, was a pioneer at that time in its organizational structure. Twenty years after its creation, Fabricato built a space so that the workers who lived in rural areas could settle and live with the essential services; In addition, it built a private clinic with the full range of health services for its employees, so that they could enjoy this service free of charge.

Fabricato throughout the years has been committed to the education of its employees and that of their children; For 2019, the company invested 1,062 million in scholarships, a task that it continues to carry out and in which it is still involved today.

Responsibility with resources:

Since 1951, when the filling of the La García reservoir began, with the purpose of supplying energy to the factory and water to the Medellín aqueduct, Fabricato demonstrated its commitment to the environment and resource management.

Today this water source contributes to the preservation of the natural wealth of the region. The La García dam, located in Bello, has 300 hectares dedicated to natural conservation, which allows the company to:

  • Caring for and protecting biodiversity.
  • Conserve water reserves.
  • Maintain soil fertility.
  • Maintain the natural conditions of the environment.

Currently, 65% of the water used in the organization is recovered in other processes.


In the book:  Fabricato 100 años , written and edited by the Eafit University, the latest bets of the company are told. With the arrival of Carlos Alberto de Jesús, current president, was it taken? the decision to separate Fabricato’s businesses into two: textiles and real estate. While the former would continue to be the central axis of the company, the latter would become a valuable source of income to ensure the company’s sustainability.

Manufactured opto? for focusing on four main product lines: denim, the basic fabric that people use to make  jeans . Drills and poplins, knitted fabric and the non-woven line.

Ciudad Fabricato is a real estate project that is being developed in Bello, there is a commercial and housing offer there, the company’s project expects to have said project ready for this year.

Open up to other markets

In 1961 the company began to export, to date it has a presence in 16 countries; 29% of its production is exported and it is expected that the alliances and the opening to new markets will be strengthened over time.

Today Fabricato, considered one of the most modern textile factories in the world, hopes to continue growing, reinventing itself and benefiting its environment through this growth, being a socially sustainable organization.




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