your company may be highly exposed to the spread of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (ML/FT)

Due to your economic activity, sector to which you belong and/or the amount of your income and/or assets,

Autodiagnóstico LAFT / Cadena

Answer the questions that you will find below and discover the level of maturity that your company has against ML/TF Risks

Self-diagnosis ML/FT Chain

Si usted no es la persona a cargo de gestionar estos riesgos en su compañía, por favor hágale llegar este test a la persona encargada. Éste puede estar en el área jurídica, financiera o de gestión de cumplimiento.


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At Cadena we have accompanied 500 companies in Colombia for more than 12 years in their ML/FT risk implementation and management processes.

Companies in the same sector and many others, which, like you, are highly exposed to contagion risks, either because of the sector to which they belong or their level of income.