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With Te Regalo we take care of EVERYTHING so that your employees or clients live unforgettable experiences

What is I Gift You?

The gift platform that your company needs

You only pay for gifts that recipients claim

Easy to set up

Deliveries nationwide

Gifts massively with one click

Report of each campaign

That's how it works...

1. On that special date, users will receive a message in their inbox.

 2. Users receive an email with a message alluding to the date or special event and a button inviting them to click to claim the gift.

 3. The user clicks and arrives at a page where they can choose any of the gifts that the company has previously pre-selected.

 4. Choose your gift, enter the data where you want to receive your gift and that’s it! We take care of the delivery logistics.

Recipients can choose from different categories such as technology, appliances, home, children, beauty, digital vouchers and many more.​

This is the easiest way to give a gift!
Surprise your collaborators, clients, suppliers or whoever you want.

Many moments to celebrate

  • Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day (February 14)
  • Women’s Day (March 8)
  • Men’s Day (March 19)
  • Children’s Day (April 24)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Closing of the semester (June)
  • Father’s day
  • Halloween (October 31)
  • Love and friendship (September 17)
  • Seller’s Day (September 28)
  • day of each profession
  • five-year periods
  • Retirement
  • corporate anniversary