TikTok opportunities for brands

This social network of Chinese origin, with more than two billion downloads and more than one billion active users per month, is gaining more and more popularity in brand marketing strategies. Find out why and some of the brands that are generating good content here.

During confinement, TikTok has positioned itself as the reference social network. His bet from him is to allow users  to create, edit and share videos between 15 seconds and 60 seconds , thus revealing their creativity to tell different situations. With the use of effects, filters, sounds, license-free music and other tools, they generate unique and fun publications.

The most popular videos are musical ones, however, it is not the only way it offers to generate content and entertain followers, who are mainly between 16 and 24 years old. Yes, the so-called generation Z or  centennials  is the target audience of this network, although every time there are other generations that are beginning to have a presence here.

The first thing brands should do before opening a TikTok account is to study it and understand if it is strategic for them. You always have to remember that although there are many social networks, it is not necessary to be in all of them.

Seeing the success and reception it has had among audiences, several companies and brands in the world began to wonder and analyze whether it was relevant and strategic to have a profile and generate conversations on TikTok.

Currently, several brands have done so because they saw in this network a new opportunity to communicate differently and with a fresher tone with their audiences. In addition, after studying it and understanding how it works and what its dynamics are -this is key to making the decision-, they understood that it  is a good tool for their marketing strategies because:

  • Compared to networks like Facebook or Instagram, it has greater organic reach, that is, the brand’s video can reach more users, not just followers.
  • Original, funny videos that know how to take advantage of the different effects and tools of TikTok go viral. This gives greater visibility and notoriety to the brand.
  • It allows to attract and capture the attention of the younger public.
  • Through challenges, contests, and hashtags, users can create fun content for the brand. They can also join challenges set by others to gain more visibility.

Featured Brands on TikTok

Some of the brands that today have a profile in this network and generate unique strategies are:


NBA:  with more than 11.3 million followers, it is one of the most viral accounts on the net. Videos of the best plays, of the players, the spectators, game summaries and basketball challenges are its main contents.


The Washington Post:  This media outlet quickly understood the dynamics of the Internet, which is why its videos are full of humor and situations that can happen at work, they are not news. Dave Jorgenson, video producer and editor, is the face of the newspaper on TikTok. Today the account has more than 556,000 followers.


San Diego Zoo:  the videos of this brand show the daily life of animals, by adding musical and sound effects they make them fun, attractive and generate emotions for users.


Chipotle:  This Mexican food chain was one of the first brands to use and take advantage of TikTok. His knowledge of the web has allowed him to generate videos and viral campaigns through hashtags, two of the most popular being #ChipotleLidFlip and #GuacDance. He has more than 758,000 followers.

Other brands that are doing well and worth reviewing if you want to have a TikTok strategy are:  PumaRalph LaurenMercedes-Benz  and  Walmart .

In Colombia, for now there are few brands that have decided to be strategically in this social network, among these are  Galletas Festival , Chocolates Jet and  Bon Bon Bum .

Recommendations to be on TikTok

  1. Be clear that the objective of this social network is to entertain, therefore, you must bet on funny, fresh, human videos that generate sympathy among users. Virality and notoriety is what is mainly sought here.
  1. Create creative content that is timeless, use the effects, filters and the audio catalog and, if possible, that the videos do not last more than 15 seconds.
  1. Adapt the brand’s content strategy to the challenges and hashtags proposed by others, likewise, create your own so that others join with their videos.
  1. In each video, include between three and six hashtags that are related to the content, just like on Instagram, this helps to generate greater reach to make the brand visible and position.
  1. In the description of the video (the copy) add a call to action so that there are more possibilities for interaction.
  1. Be constant in the creation of content. In addition to challenges or music videos, brands can take advantage of the network to post about:
  • Trends and news in the sector.
  • Contributor stories.
  • Every day situations.
  • Brand curiosities.
  1. Creating campaigns with  influencers  that are credible to the brand’s target audience will help increase reach. Likewise, it is important to respond to user comments.



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