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SIPLAFT system

SIPLAFT is the system for the prevention and control of money laundering, financing of terrorism and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, which must be implemented by companies in the following sectors:

Who should implement it? 

  • Companies authorized by the Superintendency of Ports and Transportation to provide the land vehicle cargo service
  • Clubs with professional athletes
  • Operators and administrators of games of luck and chance at the territorial level
  • Sector supervised by Coljuegos
  • notary sector
  • Surveillance and private security sector

Regulatory framework

  • Resolution 074854 of December 2016 of the Superintendency of Ports and Transportation.

How do we support companies ?

  • Implementation, design and adjustment of the SIPLAFT system
  • We have a platform to consult counterparties in public sources of information.
  • Training associated with LA/FT

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