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Reports gain exponential value when graphed. Get to know the Smart Visual so you don’t get lost in a sea of ​​data.


What is Smart Visual Data?  It is a tool that reinterprets  business software  to change the presentation of data, taking information from various sources to capture on one screen or several ( videowall ) a complete overview of the business and the sector in real time and with attractive, simple and intuitive graphics. .


How can Smart Visual Data help my business?

  • Sort, rank and prioritize the most important data.
  • It crosses various sources of information to speed up decision making.
  • Visualize the fulfillment of commercial or strategic objectives.
  • Keeps work teams informed, motivated and integrated.
  • Project an image of transparency and innovation.
  • Generates reliable and real-time information.
  • It provides the ability to predict future problems.
  • It is the next and logical step of  Big Data and Smart Data .

“With Smart Visual Data, companies have greater control and have the data constantly in view, so that, consciously or unconsciously, they are always analyzing it. And, most importantly, they are getting it.”

Majo Castillo,
Director of Operations of the company Zeus, pioneers in the creation, development and implementation of this system in Spain.

How does it impact my business management?  The impact of Smart Visual Data varies greatly and depends on several factors. There are clients who install it to improve business management, increase their sales in a specific territorial area, increase conversion indicators with clients or optimize the organization of tasks and projects in a specific department. However, and as an example,  it is estimated that a business can reduce the control times of its  stock , going from 3 hours to 10 minutes .

Smart Visual Data conveys emotion and facilitates making the right decisions at the right time.

What requirements must I meet to install this tool in my business?  Smart Visual Data is the natural evolution of analytics towards processes where people prevail. It creates a management system that, far from creating tedious reports and complex graphics, facilitates decision making. The only requirement to have it is to generate enough data in a  software  or even in an Excel file, ERP (resource planning systems) or CRM’s to ‘paint’ them in a control panel, in such a way that they show the living history of the company.


What are the implementation phases?  It is made to measure after defining which indicators are most important to display. Part of a knowledge stage to get to know the business and the communication flows well; Subsequently, the KPI’s (key performance indicator) are established, the technological connection to the sources is made and finally or in parallel, the programming and design of the graphics or  dashboards are carried out .


To learn more about Smart Visual,  watch this video




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