Using chatbots to improve customer service

To respond in the shortest possible time to the doubts and requirements of customers, today companies have different service channels in each of their digital media, among which chatbots or virtual assistants stand out more and more, many of them with their own names. .

The automation of communication is a reality that is evidenced by the  quick, short and direct messages that customers receive from chatbots  when they make a query or request information from companies through their official channels such as Facebook Messenger or the hotline. from WhatsApp Business.

The use of this type of technology, most of the time with artificial intelligence so that the assistant learns and incorporates new answers according to what they ask,  has allowed companies to improve and be more efficient in customer service , since their answers They are immediate, they are available all the time (24/7), they attend to many requests at the same time, they are constantly improving, they can offer personalized treatment based on historical data and, additionally, they represent cost savings.

Banks, cooperatives, service companies, government entities, educational centers and, in general, companies in the construction and retail sector  already  have a virtual assistant in their digital channels.

Some examples of  chatbots that today answer customer questions  and guide them are:

  • Pronto de Protección:  it is programmed to provide information on topics such as pension advice, withdrawals, certificates, layoffs, voluntary savings and balance inquiries. To start a conversation, give several options for the client to choose the one that fits their requirement. In the event that the request cannot be resolved, Pronto refers the client to another adviser for assistance.
  • Eva from Novaventa:  the Grupo Nutresa product catalog has this virtual advisor on its website to advise mothers who work with the catalog. After the greeting, Eva tells them that they should not send her photos, videos or audios and asks for their identity document in order to help them.
  • Tabot de Bancolombia:  this assistant provides advice to customers on the virtual branch, TRM, credit cards, service points, request for bank references, change of main password, alerts and notifications, among other topics.
  • Seguros Sura Colombia:  in order to respond more quickly to user questions, it has enabled a WhatsApp line in which today it provides information on services related to COVID-19, EPS programs and procedures. Step by step guides the user in what they need.

What to take into account to include a chatbot in company channels?

According to the digital medium Business Inside, the architecture and design of chatbots will continue to evolve to the point of becoming the standard for customer service.

Although this technology is on the rise and represents great advantages for both clients and organizations, Alejandro Páez, Director of Development at 1cero1 Software, recommends that before  implementing a chatbot, consciously analyze whether most of the questions users ask are similar and frequent , this will serve to structure the answers by thematic blocks and will facilitate the good performance of the virtual assistant.

If, on the other hand, many of the questions are very specific, infrequent, and the assistance of an expert is needed for their solution, it is preferable not to have a chatbot because many times it will not be able to give the answer and help that the client is looking for, which it will not be a good experience for customers.

In addition to this, it is key to define  which of the company’s virtual channels will have a chatbot and what type of information or advice they will provide , because as with relationship strategies and digital marketing, if there is no clarity about the objectives and what that you hope to achieve with this type of assistants, it is more likely that mistakes will be made that may even affect the image, credibility and reputation of the company.

Therefore, to take advantage of all the advantages offered by virtual assistants in the correct way, it is essential to seek advice and work with developers who have experience and guarantee their proper functioning.



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