The good, the best and the excellent of electronic invoicing

More than a requirement to be fulfilled, the electronic invoice can be an opportunity to generate cash options for your company. We tell you why.

The good

If you are looking for an electronic invoicing provider to solve the requirement established in Decree 2242 of 2015,  you are ensuring a very important compliance factor and avoiding sanctions , such as the closure of the company. But you are only looking at a coin and at one head.

The best

A technology provider can give you  good arguments that go beyond compliance with the standard , for example, they can tell you that the electronic invoice provides:

  • Commercial information in real time.
  • Greater transparency in the payment of taxes.
  • More productivity.
  • A more agile and secure service.

And that also  generates benefits such as:

  • Lower costs in printing, distribution and storage of paper copies.
  • Better knowledge of the traceability of the shipment, delivery and acceptance of your invoices.
  • Speed ​​in collections and optimization of collection.
  • Greater efficiency in delivering invoices to your customers.
  • Agility in storage and custody processes.
  • Less environmental impact.

Whoever does this is showing you two sides of the coin.

the excellent

A great technology provider is one that  helps you see opportunities beyond the obvious . A robust electronic invoice system brings possibilities that can be quantified in a more agile cash flow and payment system, which represents a lot of money each month.

Scalability is a fundamental issue in an electronic billing platform. You must be able to add new functionality and incorporate requirements and billers at the pace that the company will.

Through this billing model, the ecosystem that we know today between the issuer/supplier (who bills), the receiver/customer (the one who must pay) and a third party (who finances the bill) changes, since everything is much more automated .

At the moment

The invoice discount process is limited.

Funding offers are restricted to funders determined by the payer.

With the new billing system

There is a platform where various funders can find invoices from various payers and collectors.

It generates a more efficient market for these operations. There is more flow of resources and better costs.


More actors with short-term resources will be able to:

  • Enter  the factoring and confirming market.
  • Offer  your resources for a large volume of invoices with multiple payers and billers.


Automation will allow access to many more sources of funding and will bring better conditions for the discount.


They can make use of confirming: funders willing to give their suppliers a longer term for payment.

This scenario of a broad, more automatic market can develop if, in addition to issuing invoices electronically,  they are managed on a platform that provides security conditions for all participants.  In some countries this market is very large and a significant percentage of invoices are traded there.

In Colombia,  the Ministry of Commerce has been working on the design of a referencing center for electronic invoices , but even before that figure comes to pass, a large provider with a robust platform, such as Cadena, is in a position to help all agents to advance in this market.

More benefits from a great provider

Cash Management:  the tasks that company cash managers have today  are fully automated and with a robust platform such as Cadena’s, they are resolved with alerts generated by the program , both for the payer and the biller. Announcements in the manager’s own window, emails and text messages can be scheduled for any news or according to dates convenient for the parties.

Analytics:  a platform that does data analysis can give you a control chart by areas, types of customers, months, types of payers. A most useful tool for discount decision-making, but also for defining regional or seasonal business strategies. In other words,  billing information generates knowledge for marketing areas and even logistics and production.  And as it feeds in new data it can deliver more accurate analysis and predictions.

Confirming:  offers more facilities when paying. According to Maria Camila Muñoz, manager of  Exponential Confirming , a Colombian fintech that is an ally of Cadena in offering solutions to its electronic invoice customers, “it is  a service for payments from a company to its suppliers.  It is offered to pay invoices before the due date or for  the client to obtain an additional term from the factoring entity  that the supplier did not grant.With this service everyone wins: the relationship between client (payer) and provider is sustainable and responsible, and the former gets the term it needs”.



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