The content of value for the right person

Mazda, Anthropologie and Red Bull use, in these unique success stories, knowledge and segmented communication as a winning factor in their marketing strategy. Find out what they did and what transformed the conventional customer-brand relationship.

In the world of marketing, the challenge is not only to reach the target market, but also to reach the target audience; The success of a relevant value proposition for your client lies in the segmentation, and in the knowledge of this, of their demographic data, but also of their consumption habits, tastes and behavior, is the effectiveness of communication and ultimately of the sale.

Under this logic, the  Mazda subsidiary in the United Kingdom developed an intelligent advertising strategy on the Internet that suggested the  test-drive  of one of its models according to the user’s profile when doing a Google search. This profiling also allowed Mazda to match potential buyers with the actual inventory of its dealers in a radius close to the user. This meant an increase in sales of 98% more compared to regular sales, as well as a 20% increase in the participation rate of their advertising.

For its part, the Anthropologie chain publishes a series of easy-to-prepare cocktail recipes on its blog. These recipes are shared according to the season, for example soft drinks in summer and hot drinks in winter. This is done not only with the intention of hooking the audience, but also of establishing itself as a close, everyday brand that knows both drinks and fashion and that keeps abreast of the lifestyle trends of its consumers.

Redbull  also teaches us many lessons. This is one of the pioneering brands in creating relevant content for its consumers and it does so from a TV channel (Red Bull TV) to sponsoring activities related to extreme sports, competitions, concerts and even has digital magazines like The Red  Bulletin . Thanks to a complete content strategy, the brand is positioned today as a leader in large markets, achieving sales three times greater than its closest competitor. In fact, in 2007 Red Bull founded Red Bull Media House, a content agency that is responsible for selling original content created by Red Bull to other brands.



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