10 digital transformation trends you should be aware of by 2023

Make a goal! So you can face the new business challenges
in 2023

At Cadena we are official fans of unstoppable companies, which is why we support their digital transformation so that they are more competitive in environments as changing as the current ones.

Here we present the lineup of the 10 trends that are going to play with
greater relevance in 2023 and that you must take into account to incorporate into
your company’s digital transformation strategy and thus get closer to the
World Cup podium in the business environment:

1. Adaptive artificial intelligence

AI systems based on an adaptive learning method employ a flexible and continuously enriched approach, allowing it to monitor and learn from changes as they occur, while continuing to work on older predictions, keeping processes updated in real time.

2. Metaverse

An ecosystem that integrates different virtual worlds that offer an immersive experience to users and where different daily activities can be carried out. That is where all companies should go, whether they have blockchain technology or not.

3. Super apps

They are the natural evolution of the digital application market, where the user has all the services they need in one place, eliminating the need to download other applications and become familiar with their usage dynamics. An example of this is Rappi , where different types of services such as finance, leisure, food, beauty and well-being, among others, come together.

4. Sustainable technology

Technology is an ally for the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established within the 2030 Agenda, with solutions such as the construction of smart cities to generate clean and affordable energy, and the creation of data centers and power systems ecological electricity, among other technological proposals that help to minimize the environmental impact.

5. Realizing Wireless Value

It is the many ways in which next-generation wireless technologies deliver new services and reduce capital costs, improving basic wireless communication capabilities and adding new ones that serve as the foundation for technological innovation.

6. Adaptive industrial clouds

It refers to cloud systems or services designed to serve a particular industrial process, such as drug manufacturing, by creating a seamless, data-centric collaborative network.

7. Digital immune system

Its objective is to detect a new virus, practically at the same moment that it is introduced into your organization’s computer system; It automatically captures it, scans it, adds detection and protection against this new type of virus, removes it, and transfers the information to systems running the antivirus, so it can be detected imminently in the future.

8.AI TriSM

It is short for ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) Trust, Risk and Security Management . A concept that refers to the need to develop methods that allow applying ethical principles to AI models in order to guarantee the safety and rights of users.

9. Technology in (and for) talent

Equally or more important than renewing the ways in which technological talent is attracted is retaining and retaining those who already exist within the organization, implementing a coaching culture and promoting continuous development.

10. Digital and social leadership

Transformational leaders are the ones who are present in the conversations that matter to companies and allow your organization to be productive, reduce costs and have more competitive advantages, digitizing its processes through technology.

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