Startup philosophy: How can companies implement it? Winning ideas to keep in mind.

Startups   have the ability to scale their digital solutions globally more easily, due to their methodology of creating, iterating, and innovating . This is achieved thanks to the culture of the teams and the use of agile methodologies. Find out how his lessons are transforming the way other organizations do business today.

According to a BBVA article , “  startups  are companies that are characterized by their constant capacity for innovation, their strong ties to technology and because they are completely customer-oriented. For this reason, many organizations want to emulate these characteristics to achieve their digital transformation, but not all manage to do so. So what should be the key points to follow?

Thanks to the fact that  startups  work under the banner of business models based on  digital products and processes , they have scaled to other countries. The success of the connections has been the ability to make quick decisions along the way, in case the process does not turn out as planned.

But how to scale the business in international markets from scratch? The answer goes hand in hand with finding key allies, and experimenting and having the ability to optimize time with  technologies  such as  big data , data automation, the Internet of Things, and  administrative systems.

Startup culture in four Colombian success stories


Erco Energy

They are leaders in the implementation and management of distributed energy resources: solar, electric and energy storage. In addition, they are providers for the operation and maintenance of large-scale projects for companies and homes from Colombia, Panama and the United States.

To date, they have carried out more than 1,000 projects, among them, around 740 are focused on electric mobility. Reason that has allowed them to achieve alliances and clients with companies such as EPM, Bancolombia, CI Jeans, Huawei and Pintuco. How did they do it?

Juan Camilo López, CEO of the  startup , bases the good results on these issues:

  • Organizational culture:  It is focused on learning, experimentation, iterating quickly and continuing to test products.
  • Technology:  they created applications to perform data mining with artificial intelligence, measure the traceability of products in real time, reduce quote times, understand the systems and make better decisions to maximize the power of electrical energy.
  • Data measurement:  with it, the aim is to identify through data what is working and what must be modified.


Its objective is to optimize the demand forecast with greater precision in record time to improve the supply chain. To do this they use  big dataartificial intelligence , machine learning  and data science. They have positioned themselves as one of the hundred best startups  in Colombia according to a study carried out by Forbes magazine  and Innpulsa  and their purpose of being the most innovative  supply chain solution has led them to be part of  batch 4 of Rockstart Latam .

According to  Felipe Hernández,  founder of  Datup , his greatest lessons have been adapting to the technologies of the Fourth Revolution. For this they created a platform with artificial intelligence that allows companies to make better decisions through data, in an easy, fast and affordable way.

The digital transformation of a company is achieved with more agile results, changing the culture within the organization and performing data analysis to make more assertive and effective decisions.


This is a   Colombian online education startup  that aims to strengthen the  educational culture within companies , turning learning into a habit and not an obligation. They use the  microlearning methodology  to transfer open educational content to thousands of digital non-natives and professionals who need to update their knowledge without losing sight of their work.

They currently have more than 20,000 users and clients, including Grupo Sura, Grupo Argos, Grupo Nutresa, ISA, Bancolombia and Ruta N, who use more than 250,000 information capsules

his learnings

  • The simplicity to give the user what he needs in a simple and uncomplicated way.
  • The discipline and self-learning to give your stakeholders a realistic look at the learning process.
  • Constant education that moves towards solutions that involve more experiences. For this reason, they have made it possible for anyone, regardless of their age or level of study, to learn in a simple and continuous way.


Its purpose is to transform the world’s corporate communications through  technology.  They do it through their   digital content management software for all types of screens, creating omnichannel experiences and facilitating decision-making based on automated data.

They have implementations in Colombia and 14 other countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico. In addition, they have more than 6,000 active digital screens and 7 international allies such as RedQueen, DuoPrint, Akaunts, in countries like Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico, positioning it as the most important Colombian company internationally in the communications industry. What have they done to achieve it?

  • Cloud platform:  its solutions aim to promote a more humane and effective communication process, called  communications as a service,  using software that is hosted in the cloud,  Amazon web services.
  • Trends:  being at the forefront of the latest technologies, case studies and trends are the key to creating disruptive ideas that generate value for your   target audience .
  • Growth hacking they are aligned to generate strategies that seek to acquire a greater number of users in the short term with fewer resources.


Juan Camilo López, CEO of Erco energy.

Felipe Hernández, Founder of Datup.

Leonardo Baena, CEO of Tekus.

Santiago Salazar, CEO hackU.



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