Personalized user experiences through digital strategy, how to achieve them?

The user interface, the responsiveness, the communication methods and the delivery of data in real time, are some key elements to generate satisfactory digital experiences.

86% of consumers who have a satisfactory online experience are willing to pay more to receive it,  according to a study conducted by Tempkin Group.

This seeks to connect the emotions of customers with the brand, in order to generate memories that lead them to make a purchase decision. Even those moments during the user’s digital experience that are emotionally charged will make the memory of the brand remain longer in the brain’s imagination.

Key aspects during the digital experience

  • Communication:  it is key to achieve dynamic connections and relationships between sender and receiver, in which the latter interacts with the content and feels a personalized digital experience from start to finish. A  HelpScout study  says that connecting customers with the brand from the first experience  increases profits by up to 95%.
  • Support : brands must be willing to anticipate the needs of their customers, answer their questions in the shortest possible time and give clear messages. Some tools to achieve this are  chatboots , which are digital assistants that can respond to various requests at the same time, offering personalized treatment to each person.
  • Sensory experience:  the sensory information linked to the promotion of products in digital, creates a direct emotional relationship with your target audience. For this, it is key that you take into account elements such as color, the hierarchy of your products or services and how attractive your website is visually. At this point, these other aspects below will help you achieve it:
  • Education:  in addition to offering content on the uses and benefits of the portfolio, it is necessary to generate a feeling of trust and expertise, providing valuable information about a thematic line of the company or complementary products and services that lead the user to make the decision to buy. .
  • Entertainment:  attracting the attention of the consumer begins when they have fun browsing your website. In this way, you generate an emotion of “happiness” achieved through gamified pages,  tests  or stories.
  • Onboarding:  this is the process that will guide your users throughout their digital journey .  Therefore, it is important that their navigation is satisfactory from the first moment they enter your website.

“Business models that recognize and act on the digital experience will be much more successful. This means finding the right tools to facilitate and optimize customer service, providing them with omnichannel support and effective communication in any situation.”


Recommended trends to improve the digital experience of your audience


Natural language processing to identify the syntactic, pragmatic and semantic behaviors of your audience with artificial intelligence.


Omnichannel strategies  to adapt to the purchasing needs and behaviors of users.


Technologies of the  Fourth Industrial Revolution , in order to reduce costs in the operation and achieve that processes that were carried out in hours can be done in seconds.



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