Innovative communication in the age of Social Media

How to attract visitors to an art museum? The National Museum of Fine Arts of Brazil found a creative way to merge the physical experience with the virtual experience through its Hashtags of Arts campaign.

At a time when transmedia strategies are becoming more relevant for organizations, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Brazil stands out for its Hashtags of Arts strategy ,  which has allowed it to increase the visit of locals and tourists.

What did the Museum do? He innovated in his way of communicating and inviting his audiences, he risked attracting the attention of his visitors using the Social Media language:  tags, keywords and “trending” terms of social networks, that is, words that are famous. and they are positioned thanks to their frequent searches or multiple mentions. Some of the words and labels he used were: group selfie, bff, “like a boss”, love, “installed”, no filter… all of these managed to surprise and steal smiles from the Museum’s visitors.

Combining the sumptuousness, seriousness and luxury of a museum with the colloquial language of networks, was the perfect strategy to increase revenue by more than 70%, compared to the number of records in 2018.

Taking into account that the National Museum of Fine Arts of Brazil, located in the center of Rio de Janeiro, faced an unfavorable situation related to the absence of visitors, mainly from younger audiences, having implemented this strategy was the solution. to achieve the objective of increasing visits from this type of public. This campaign has been so successful that the Museum decided to extend it until 2020.

Additionally,  Hashtags of Arts turned them into a reference for those companies that fear incorporating digital issues into their strategies with friendlier, closer languages ​​and leaving aside the “should be”. Who would have imagined a historical painting from the 19th century exposed on a wall with close, fun and everyday words?

The capacity of the Museum of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro was not the only beneficiary of this campaign. The Museum’s social networks had a significant increase in their followers and interactions.  They went from two thousand followers, before starting the strategy, to more than eleven thousand with Hashtags of Arts.



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