digital transformation to streamline personnel selection

With the use of new technologies and an ATS system ( applicant tracking system),  Magneto 365 allows companies to automate their human talent attraction and selection processes so that they are much more optimal, fast and strategic.

The areas of human resources or talent are key to the attraction, development and retention of personnel, and currently, in the midst of the transformation and automation of processes that companies are experiencing, they are no strangers to this reality. One of its challenges is to find the best candidates and carry out increasingly optimal and efficient processes.

Magneto 365  is a company whose purpose is to unite companies and talents in the shortest possible time. To do so, it has designed  technological tools leveraged on artificial intelligence,  chatbots , attraction channels and others, which it brings together in an ATS ( applicant tracking system )  to automate the processes of attracting and selecting human talent.

The digital transformation in Magneto 365 is to put technology at the service of companies to improve their productivity, and they do it from the following focuses:

  • Integration with the means frequently used  by candidates to publish job offers, for example with Facebook, Google and WhatsApp.
  • Artificial intelligence. It allows to store the information of the applicants and measure the affinity that their profiles have with the specific position that a company requires.
  • Video interviews  to get to know the profiles in depth and refine the number of applicants, taking into account aspects such as diction, body expression and personal presentation.
  • Omnichannel communication system  to contact the candidate, depending on the phase of the process, through phone calls, text messages or scheduled emails.
  • Scheduling systems  that allow interviews to be scheduled automatically according to the applicant’s availability.

Internal mobilizations  for the management of internal processes, since one of the attributes that applicants take into account the most when deciding where to work is the possibilities that the position offers them, in the long term, for their professional growth.

Magneto 365 offers small and medium-sized companies a free advice model from self-management, with which they can register from their website, create their account and publish their job offers in real time.

What to take into account to transform the attraction and selection of talent?

Julia González, Magneto 365 Business Leader, and Isabel Arango, Marketing Leader, recommend:


Make accounts.  Although it is thought that starting a digital transformation can be expensive and require more efforts, the truth is that optimizing through technology is more cost-efficient for organizations.


Have an open mind.  It is important to attract and select people with a   different mindset (mental programming). Understand that it is a process in which technology will not replace people within organizations, but will be at their service.


Begin.  The process should not be postponed for fear of the “complicated”, you have to take the step and trust the technological tools, which do 90% of the work, in addition, expertise in artificial intelligence issues is not required.


get updated.  Yes, it is key to be informed of everything that happens in terms of transformation and constantly learn to generate greater value and optimization.

A more successful process

In one of the largest  retail companies  in Colombia, Magneto 365 implemented a digital model for attracting and selecting human talent that allowed this company to increase the effectiveness of the process to 72% of the total number of people who interviewed in person. This meant that, after doing all the digital validations,  they were able to cover face-to-face activities in a single day and thus ensured effective recruitment . This process used to take two months and today they do it within two weeks.

Additionally, the company reduced the costs of the selection processes. Among the things that they automated are: the summons of the candidates, the review of video interviews, the scheduling of medical exams, the security studies and the psychotechnical tests.



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