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Incentivize your sales forces




Incentivize your sales forces

Incentivize your sales forces

Our Incentives module is the digital platform that allows you to encourage your team with a strategy in which points can be accumulated for meeting the objectives and these, in turn, can be redeemed for hundreds of products available in a marketplace.

At Cadena we design powerful and easy-to-manage strategies; adjusted to your needs and budget, we have:

• A catalog with 15 categories of physical and virtual prizes with more than 1,000 prizes available
• More than 70 prize and benefit providers
• Fast deliveries throughout the National territory
• Management of the PQRs process and guarantees Large companies have trusted us because our experience shows it:

Of experience

Awarded in prizes

Participants in Colombia

Prizes awarded

Physical and digital award references

Fast deliveries nationwide

Rewards and benefits providers

Catalogs with 15 categories and more than 1000 prices 

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