Anti-fraud ecosystems

The way to protect physical and virtual documents to shield identity, support or complement printed information and trace information in real time.

Before, holograms, security papers, magnetic prints, watermarks and seals were almost enough to protect valuable business information, which was almost always printed. Today, complete solutions are necessary that guarantee not only the custody of the data, but also integrate the physical information with the virtual one. There are ways to do it:


Link physical documents to virtual information:  beyond controlling the theft of information, companies must have confidential information systems without risks that integrate their documentation, records or files to the data in the cloud. This is the case of passports and notarial and conservatorship certificates, which, in addition to being protected as physical documents through security printing resources, have innovations that allow traceability with digital data of the persons or titles they represent.


Security printing:  at  Cadena  we have a specialized plant that guarantees the reliability and transparency of documents through technology and innovation. There we print documents such as Icfes type booklets, individualized with differential information to avoid fraud; automated lottery tickets to ensure transparency in the delivery of prizes, among other items such as plastic cards with a chip or high-security identification, checks and checkbooks, valued forms, notarial paper, transportation tickets, ticket office, diplomas and labels.


Inventory platforms:  to control merchandise and equipment through real-time validations that integrate the complete logistics process from enlistment, transportation, personnel coordination, reverse logistics, among others.




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