A new sustainability agenda in four ideas

A pandemic like COVID-19 creates a series of risks for which companies were not prepared. With cooperation, solidarity and a vision for the future, it will be possible to overcome them. We spoke with Juan Luis Botero, General Manager of Contreebute.

Let’s offer the best of ourselves

The United Nations 2030 agenda is under threat, business and sustainability will need to strike a balance between the short and long term, and stakeholders will be more relevant and need to be heard. Because? Click on the video.


Together we can get ahead

The pandemic is a global issue, a common enemy, to which we must all contribute to resolve through local actions, but without borders. Likewise, we must review habits and identify new risks. Get to know some of them. Look at the video.


We can transform business models

We are exposed to a large amount of information. It is important to strike a balance between the positive and the negative, as well as look for strength in the creativity and values ​​of the companies to communicate better, reinvent from the service to the portfolios and make alliances that seek the common good. These are some examples.


We are vulnerable and resilient

Companies must bet on a radical transparency in telling the actions they are carrying out, how the crisis has affected them and how they will overcome it. It’s time to be more resilient than ever. What to do from marketing in times of crisis? More information in the video.





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